Class Descriptions

Classes are in Acting, Etiquette, Modeling and Dance

 Dance subjects include Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern,Contemporary,Baby Dance


Class Descriptions


Acting class curriculum includes pantomime, theater games, improvisation, acting technique, and performance

Etiquette Modeling 

  • Learn how to speak, eat, walk the runway, and dress for success
  • Table Manners, Public Speaking, and Poise
  • Modeling includes: Learning to walk the runway, pivots and posture. Participate in our annual formal lucheon and fashion show to display skills


Classical ballet is taught in the Cecchetti method based on techniques that focus on fast footwork, clean lines, and smooth transitions between positions

Modern Dance is taught when we fuse ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques to create fluid choreography

Jazz dance is a derivative of ballet done to contemporary music




Tap dance is using your feet like drums. Dancers wear special shoes with metal taps to make syncopated percussive instruments with their feet

Hip Hop
Hip Hop dance is structured street dance primarily performed to hip hop music but not limited to a wide range of contemporary music

Baby Dance

An introduction to movement and music for boys and girls.  Spend a magical time with your child while they strengthen coordination and cognitive skills in a fun environment.  Dress code and dance shoes are not required.  The class combines creative movement and imaginative play.   Young siblings are welcome to sit in the class

Contemporary Dance

Ballet fused with modern and jazz incorporating African and Japanese movement